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A room or large cupboard for storing food.

synonyms: pantry, storage room, store room, store, food store, cupboard

We are passionate about food! We 'taste test' every item we sell ... so we know it's great and we can tell you about it! We work closely with small family businesses and local producers to bring you a selection of different and unique products. These items are not stocked in big supermarkets and so ensures great quality which only comes with small batch production.

We are always on the look out for great Hero Products, so if you know a small producer, share the love!

We are also planning some delicious recipe blogs soon using these amazing products, so keep checking for updates!

Please come in and say 'Hello!' and have a taste of what we do.

In season in March!
Spinach, Kale, Salmon, Spring onions,  Whitebait, Lobster and Venison! Look out for our product suggestions!


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