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Meet the cheer squad...

The proverbially bowl of cherries...How can we achieve the perfect world that we see on social media, in magazines etc..

Newsflash, its doesn't exist..! well, yes the cherries did, they were great but trying to get to the perfect state is exhausting! its not possible to live the, as I call it the 'Nigella lifestyle' I realised that after trying to always look like I had my stuff together...It was tiring, and frankly you end up missing the joy of being in that moment. So, I stop trying to be perfect, stopped trying to be the perfect hostess, stop trying to make my house like it was permanently clean...its not but that's OK.

In these blogs I am going to share how I got to the happy state of not worrying too much about if guests drop by, how to snap your house into shape when your given a 15 minutes heads up and how to throw the perfect treats together so you look like you've got this but in reality you've breezed through it...

I truly believe that we need to make best friends with ourselves, we are our best and only cheer squad, we need to self care more and yes....if you want to, buy your best buddy a gift, win!

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