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Just a regular girl, with a normal upbringing but who dreamt of creating something that would bring a smile to all around her. I grew up with a super positive and hard working lady at my helm, my mother. she was the Queen of economy gastronomy , positive thinking and the benefits of home made...

Having started and worked on my business I realised I wanted to bring even more fresh foods to my lovely customers, to work along side small businesses to give them more high street presence and to help add to our sadly depleting high street.

'Let food be your medicine or medicine would be your food' was a common ethos I grew up with... so I wanted to bring this knowledge I have accumulated over time to the blog, tips and hints that I have learnt from being a mum to four amazing kids and generally how to be the best version of yourself, no one want to get to 70 and look back at all the laundry we have achieved!

So I hope you enjoy the recipes, useful reads and tricks that I plan to share with we've got this...

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